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Orgasm Overview 2. First time here. All you need to do is use some good lube. Try the Anvil or Launch Pad positions.

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I want to make him happy. Hi Nikita, The main thing is talking to your man about this so that he understands your wants and needs and try to get him to share his. Good luck for a perfect night!! Different people enjoy different positions and different things sexually. It kind of looks like you are squatting on his chest sideways if you are doing it right. Cheers- Jason.

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Mar 22,  · We just need to get a little creative with our sex positions — with these nine sex positions almost guaranteed to give you mind-blowing orgasms. More: The Best Sex Positions . Apr 09,  · It is a known fact that some women or wives have never experienced orgasm. Some experts are of the opinion that with the following sex positions, women are guaranteed to have an orgasm. Are they right or.

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